Ethical Gains is a digital marketing agency that believes in marketing for good.

We specialize in content creation, local & technical SEO services, and eCommerce web design.

We work with nonprofits, B Corps, and companies who service the triple-bottom-line. If you’re a company dedicated to doing good, we’re the agency to get you to where you need to be.

At Ethical Gains, we believe that marketing doesn’t have to feel sleazy. What it’s really about is getting great products and services to people that will truly benefit from them.

There’s so many amazing companies out there doing work that’s helping to make the world a better place. You’re making a positive impact, and we’re here to help you increase that impact. A rising tide lifts all boats, and we all benefit from the growth of ethical businesses.

As our client, we promise to always respect your mission, your time, and your money.

Our Mission Statement:

We work to grow the impact of nonprofits and mission-driven businesses through ethical digital marketing.

Our Core Values:

We live and work by a set of core values that drive this company. These are the motivators that propel us, as well as the clients we work with:



Giving groups a chance to flourish, in both revenue & significance



Keeping integrity, staying true to our cause, and being transparent



Having a positive influence on our communities and environment



Caring for and nourishing our planet, our people, and each other



Supporting businesses that help us to coexist in our global world 

Meet the team behind Ethical Gains

Jhustin headshot

Jhustin Hall

SEO & Shopify Master

The super-cool weirdo who started it all. Highly experienced in project management, production design, digital marketing, and SEO. Basically, the dungeon master.

karie kirkpatrick

Karie Kirkpatrick

Web Content Specialist

Cake genius turned WordPress aficionado. Obsessed with user experience & intentional design. A self-taught coder, schooled in web design & front-end development.

Cat headshot

Cat Carnell

Sales Liason

Badass business mama with decades of experience in retail sales. Publishing, writing, editing – she’s done it all and kicked ass along the way. 

Peach Ingridsdotter

Social Media Strategist

TikTok sensation who seriously knows her way around social media. Bringing clients hot traffic through linkbuilding and viral content.

Allie Drennan headshot

Allie Drennan

SEO & Content Creator

SEO ninja with lightning-fast writing skills. Published author, MBA-wielding keyword wrangler, and queen of the cats.

Hannah Gabrielson headshot

Hannah Gabrielson

Digital Marketing Assistant

All-around digital marketing support specialist with mad skills in underwater photography and a soft spot for Gandalf.