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Who they are and why we love them:

Cascadia Mushrooms grows USDA certified organic mushrooms right here in Bellingham, Washington. They are true stewards of the environment and source all their ingredients from companies that work with environmentally-friendly practices. They even recycle ALL of their plastic!

The team at Cascadia is a group of hard-working and passionate individuals who truly care about their community and the health of the planet. We love them!

How we help:

Ethical Gains did a complete website re-design and moved the virtual mushroom farm from Big Commerce onto WordPress. With this transition, we built them a mobile-friendly site and improved the overall user experience on both desktop and mobile. 

Show these organic mushrooms farmers some love and order a tasty Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kit!

We continue to work with Cascadia with their SEO, marketing, content creation, and brand growth.


Our work in eCommerce design, SEO, and UX blew up their monthly revenue rates to over 4x!

We also increased search value on their recipes and informational content.

Email list: +42%

Keyword rankings: +9.13%

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