DrinkingStraws.Glass new website on 3 screen sizes
Drinking Straws.Glass logo

Who they are and why we love them:

Drinking Straws.Glass is a family-owned manufacturer of stylized, eco-friendly glass drinking straws. They’re a passionate group of environmental advocates and just downright nice people.

Their straws are both whimsical and functional, made of shatterproof borosilicate glass. They take a lot of care in providing an eco-friendly product and regularly donate to human rights and environmental causes. We aren’t just an agency for their digital marketing, we’re also customers!

How we help:

Ethical Gains supports Drinking Straws.Glass’ SEO, content marketing, and overall site aesthetic. We are in continuous talks on growing the brand’s influence in the eco-friendly space.

Recently, we did a complete re-design on their website. We made the whole experience more clean and bright to represent the fun, family-friendly personality of the brand. We set up WooCommerce features that increase the user experience and optimized the site for mobile. There’s a lot in store for this awesome family business!