Laurel Burch Studios:

Spreading the art, myth, and magic of Laurel Burch’s imaginative art

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A Little History...

Five years after her mother, Laurel Burch, passed away, Aarin Burch launched Laurel Burch Studios to share the exuberant spirit of her mother’s artistic vision and make Laurel’s vivid, vibrant designs available to all. They’re a small, passionate company who aim to bring meaningful beauty to the world.

Goals & Strategy

When the team at Laurel Burch Studios came to us, they had a hard-coded, outdated Shopify website that they weren’t able to update themselves. They wanted a fresh theme that better represented how they had grown as a brand and told their story clearly. They needed a backend that they could access and make seasonal adjustments to. We did an initial SEO audit and made a plan to optimize their on-page and technical SEO in addition to the website redesign, with the goal to increase their organic traffic and conversion rate.

How We Help

The homepage of Laurel Burch Studios

Updated Shopify theme & navigation

The new site features a better user experience that makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. The bright colors, custom font, and storytelling represent the updated brand and the mission of Laurel Burch herself.

Optimized email flows

We used Klaviyo email marketing software to improve upon their automated email flows, increasing customer engagement and retention.

Example of abandoned cart email flow


+240% growth in revenue

+87% growth in sessions

+70% increase in CVR

SEO optimization, landing page creation, and improved email flows led to a big increase in Laurel Burch Studios’ growth since we started working with them. They’ve seen dramatic increases in their organic traffic, online sales, and e-commerce conversion rate.