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Who they are and why we love them:

Maniac Coffee Roasting produces the freshest, best coffee you’ll be able to buy online. Based out of Bellingham, Washington, Alexarc has spent decades honing his craft to bring out the best of every bean that crosses his roaster.

Maniac regularly donates to local social causes, helping to end homelessness. We are seriously addicted to this awesome coffee and want to spread this feeling with everyone across the nation!

How we helped:

Ethical Gains supported Maniac Coffee Roasting by migrating their website from Weebly to Shopify, amplifying their global reach and streamlining its business.

you need a dope-ass web site
"The Ethical Gains team did a full redesign of my business website. They incorporated ideas and selling options that I had never considered and as a result my sales have noticeably improved directly due to those changes. The backend of the website is much more navigable for me and I can see trends in sales and browsing of products. Lastly, they were very easy to work with and were able to take the 'attitude' of our old site and transfer it to the new one without losing personality. Thanks gang!"
Maniac Coffee Roasting founder
Alexarc Mastema
Founder, Maniac Coffee Roasting